A single platform to manage purchases, consumption and stock control.


A single platform to manage purchases

Gstock is the most complete purchasing management software for restaurants and hotels on the market.

Control your purchases with Gstock

It manages from the beginning of the process: "the order". It receives the order, registers incidents, informs the supplier about them and sends him a self-test, registers accidental losses, carries out inventories, calculates costs and real consumption, manages scandals and calculates costs and theoretical consumption ...

A single platform for managing purchases, consumption and warehouse control


Take control of orders

  • Control everything you ask for
  • Put an end to excessive orders
  • One-click ordering
  • Schedule your shopping list
  • Get the best price with our auction ordering tool
  • Mobile Ordering App (Android and IOS)

Get ahead of the future, integrate all your orders directly with your suppliers.

Stock Control

Automatically counts the stock of products in inventories from POS sales.

  • Automated and controlled inventories
  • Real-time digital discounting
  • Barcode scanning
  • Quick and real time checking
  • Your team will be able to consult the stock of non-food, food & beverage and semi-processed products. 

Every sale made at your POS will automatically reduce the stock of each ingredient in the recipe in your warehouse.


Menu engineering

Monitor and improve margins in real time 

  • Variations in the product cost of each dish and take the necessary measures and adjustments.
  • Ranking of popular vs. profitable dishes in a single chart.
  • Share with your team which dishes are most profitable at any given moment.
  • Improve sales and margins.


Track shrinkage from your mobile phone

  • Use the tool to record shrinkage from your mobile phone
  • Create shrinkage reasons and optimise your stock
  • Improve your wastage rate

Controls shrinkage or accidental waste of both products and semi-finished products. Manages the reasons for shrinkage and takes measures to prevent further shrinkage.

Production tool

Production planning tool

  • Schedule future productions and assign them to team members.
  • Each validated production automatically adjusts and dumps the raw material stock to the processed ingredients in the stored semi-finished products.
  • The productions are inventoriable and have printable SKUs and barcodes.

Theoretical and actual consumption control

Real-time and quick check

Don't just rely on the profit and loss account, have a timely and real time control of your costs and margins on sales.

Invoice control

Export to accounting

Review and group delivery notes, convert them into invoices.

With Gstock you can have all your invoices ready to send to accounting and if your accounting software is linked you can export your invoices to accounting.

Gstock features

No commitment

There is no commitment of subscription: terminated unilaterally whenever you want.

In the Cloud

No installation, in a secure server, from any place and device.

No investment

There is no need to buy the application, you pay a small monthly fee for its use. updates and support are included.


Take advantage of our new Gstock Academy, the new way to train and certify all employees using Gstock.

Happy customers with Gstock

We already have a lot of happy customers saving a lot of money on their restaurant purchases.

Thanks to G-Stock I have the recipes organized and with the cost control updated daily. I know the profitability of the dishes every day.

Fernando Ruiz Jiménez

Chef & Owner, PaiPai Restaurant

I have several integrations, with the POS, with the accounting software of the agency, I am saving a lot of time and money thanks to them.



I no longer have to wait weeks for last month's results from the management company, Gstock gives them to me right away and I can make decisions much sooner.



Try Gstock for 14 days, Free!

We have created a quick start tool so you can try Gstock and watch videos of each module explained step by step, all without obligation and without a credit card, try it now!

Do you have questions about Gstock?

Access our calendar and book a quick 15-minute meeting to solve any doubts you may have. 


Gstock can be linked with many of the best POS in the market, with suppliers and with ERP's, we are currently linked with all of them, if you don't see yours, ask us. These are the main applications integrated with Gstock, if you don't see the one you need, request it to info@g-stock.es

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