New mobile application for inventories

The new Gstock Inventory App is just one of the 6 new features of the new Gstock App.

New mobile application for purchasing management, stock control, inventory, shrinkage management, etc.

The functionalities are: Inventory control and stock control, Shrinkage, Transfers, Orders, Delivery notes and production tool.

The App is available for IOS cell phones at the Apple Store and for Android at Google Play.

Main features of the Gstock mobile ordering app:

  • Stock order proposal
  • One-click ordering
  • Program your shopping list
  • Auction orders
  • Mobile Ordering App (Android and IOS)

Quickly record shrinkage

Agile tool for waste management

  • Quantify your shrinkage according to its origin
  • Create shrinkage motifs and optimize your inventory
  • Reduce your shrinkage and minimize your costs

Controls shrinkage or accidental waste of both products and semi-finished products. Manages the reasons for shrinkage and takes measures to prevent further shrinkage.

In the case of Android devices it can also be used in tablet format, but not in IOS, you will always need to have a Gstock username and password to access and use it.

If a Gstock user has credentials to access several cost centers, he/she can choose and change centers within the same application.

To understand this inventory app help post you need to be familiar with the use of inventories in the Gstock application, to familiarize yourself we advise you to use the help services and the Gstock Academy.

By scanning the barcode, the EAN code is recorded. It is possible to rescan the code as many times as you want, each time it will be replaced.

1 Use of label printers with Bluetooth connection, to be able to print damaged labels or labels of products without barcodes, so that 100% of the inventory will be scanned (October 2021) >> already available with version 2.0.2

2 Use of scales with Bluetooth connection to capture weights directly to the cell phone (October 2021)>> now available with version 2.0.2

3 Use of RFID technology for those items, such as warehouses, that can be inventoried in a matter of minutes ... (January 2022)

As in the web application, we can only edit and modify the count if they are unconfirmed. In the menu at the bottom we have the option to confirm or disconfirm the location as well as other functionalities as in the web application.

Scanning and recording of EAN codes from cell phones (EAN & LABELS). The green check symbol to the left of each format means that at least one EAN code is already registered for scanning.


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New mobile application for inventories