On June 11, we will hold our annual summit, an exclusive event for customers and distributors at which we will we will show you the keys to keep profitability under control.we will address current topics related to management and digitization in the Horeca Channel and we will present the improvements and new features that we have introduced in Gstock to control and improve your profitability. 

It will be held at the Hotel Hampton by Hilton Alcobendas Madrid and more than a week ago that we hung the sold out sign.. The response you have given us has been so incredible that we have doubled the attendance compared to last year and we have had to expand the capacity several times. Even so, many of you have been left with the desire to attend, so we have prepared a surprise that we will explain a little later.

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Gstock 2024 Summit Program

The highlight will be the presentation of the new version of Gstock.

Our CEO, Federico Fritzsch, will explain all the details and improvements and how thanks to the application of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science. application of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science, we provide you with the best tool to control your raw material and increase your profitability.we provide you with the best tool to control your raw material and increase your profitability. In this session we have a surprise for all customers who can not attend the Summit in person: we will broadcast it in streaming through zoom. To access the streaming you only have to register in the link that we have sent you this morning to your email inbox. Connect with us from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. next June 11 and get to know first hand everything new that we have in Gstock for the profitability of your business.

In addition, we will have six Speed Sessions in which the protagonists will be our partners and their main innovations in profitability under control. The round will be opened by our Premium Partner, VoxelPedro Nágera, Sales Manager at the company, will explain the latest developments of the electronic invoicing law in Spain, the advantages of digitizing the entire supply chain and the potential of the alliance between Gstock and Voxel to automate the purchasing process.

We will also have the presentation of new products by Docuindexawhose CEO, Carlos Aparisi, brings to the Summit the latest advances in its delivery note digitalization tool with OCR technology powered by AI and Machine Learning. Cookdata will demonstrate its Business Intelligence panels, so you can see graphically how this tool helps you to know your business in depth from the data that Gstock collects and how this makes it possible for you to make the best profitability decisions. Luis San Segundo, founder and CEO of the company, will be in charge of the session.

Elder Laboratorio participates in our Summit with a demonstration of its smart labeling service integrated with Gstock, with which you can improve your consumption and waste management by controlling your productions in detail to keep your profitability under control; it will be given by its technical consultant, Jaime González-Arnao. ITCON will present the integration of Gstock with Business Central and will bring us a very interesting success case, with an important catering group; its CTO Rafael Rivera and its Operations Director, Luis Cortés, will be in charge of showing us all the potential of the company to have profitability under control in our hospitality businesses. Y Eating Hoteling will present its dashboards - designed especially for hotels - based on data collected with Gstock; the CTO, Andrea Scalia, and the company's Digital Cost Controller, Yuka Strasser, will participate in this presentation.

Six Speed Sessions full of news, technology and practical keys to digital management.
During the Summit we will address key issues for profitability, such as the current digital contextsuch as the current digital context or the state of digitization of the relationship with suppliers. We will also present the Gstock Superpowers for profitability under control and Federico will review the two most successful sessions of our last year's Summit, those dedicated to Theoretical Cost and Real Cost in Gstock, in a session that will open the afternoon session.. We will end with a space that we are especially excited about, in which we will listen to what our #Gstockers have to say. As you can see, we have prepared an intense day, with profitability as the protagonist.
Summit Gstock 2024 Scaled Gstock Program

Why if you are a Gstock customer you should not miss our Summit? Because...

  • You will be able to listen to our team of experts in digital managementGstock users and industry experts share their experiences and knowledge, with profitability as a fundamental objective.
  • You will participate in practical sessions and panel discussions to learn and share your own experience and needs.
  • During the networking sessions you will be able to connect with high-level professionals who are making the most of their digital management and improving their profitability with Gstock and open new avenues of collaboration to grow your business.
  • And we will listen to your suggestions for improvement, your concerns and doubts regarding the use of Gstock and everything you have to tell us.
At Gstock we want you to have your profitability under control, improving your digital management and control of raw materials and stocks.
Make your profitability grow with Gstock.