Getting on the digitalization jet is not as easy as buying a ticket and riding. Digitizing well is difficult, especially if we are we are pioneersas is the case with our #Gstockers.

It takes commitment, perseverance, a well-defined and well-designed plan and good traveling companions.

To facilitate the digitalization of management, to show our innovations and the new functionalities we are working on and to share a day with our customers, on June 11, we held our fourth Summit in Madrid.An event that has already become an essential part of our calendar and that this year has grown: we have doubled the participation compared to last year and we have broadcasted part of the day in streaming. 

Nearly 150 customers, partners and distributors participated in this Summit, in which we addressed current we discussed current issues related to the digitalization related to the digitalization of the Horeca Channel, presented Gstock's V3 and the main developments implemented in the implemented in the last 12 months, we unveiled what we are working on for the future and we also learned about the latest news from our partners. news from our partners in digital in digital management and profitability under control.

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In addition, our CEO, Federico Fritzsch, analyzed the digital digital context of the Horeca Channeloffered us a masterclass masterclass on Digital Superpowers and how the hotelier can use them to improve the performance of his business and reviewed two of the key points of last year's Summit: Working the Real Cost and Theoretical Cost with Gstock..

Our Summit was a perfect moment to share, learn, reflect and inspire with one goal in mind: to continue improving and advancing in digital management, with an eye on increasing profitability.

New developments for profitability under control

In the last 12 months we have implemented some 400 new developments to keep your profitability under control. An average of 35 per month, between new tools and improvements to the ones we already have at your disposal.

Because superpowers can also be improved and new ones appear.

With respect to the new developmentsDuring the Summit, we presented the eight that we consider most important for the operation of Gstock and for the profitability of our clients: 


  • Partial inventoriesvery useful to keep track at various times of the month.
  • Internationalization of the tool This is very useful for chains and groups operating in several countries.
  • Implementation of dynamic translations (i.e., everything that the client enters, texts that are not included by default in the tool), which is also very useful for groups or chains with premises in countries with different languages or where professionals with different mother tongues work.
  • CECOVE: import and export of sales items.
  • CECOVE: exporting delivery notes to excel and Api.
  • CECOVE: exporting sales invoices to ERP Api.
  • Sending orders by mail with copy to copy to various contacts.
  • And implementation of the logistics surcharge.

As you can see we are making a special effort to improve the relationship with suppliers and many of the innovations and improvements are geared towards this. For this reason, we always remind our customers (and we did so at the Summit) that we are open to customized improvements in the delivery of orders with strategic suppliers.. We are always willing to integrate to facilitate this relationship with suppliers and make it 100% digital.

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Quo Vadis, Gstock? V3 is now a reality

The presentation of Gstock's V3 was the key moment of the Summit. Our CEO showed the attendees how this version, which will be launched in the coming months, will look visually and functionally.

Gstock V3 is a reorganization of the tool to make it more intuitive for the user. To achieve this, we are working both in terms of image and functionality.

We've separated the operation, improved the speed of operation, grouped types of functions and reduced the number of clicks for easier use. We have grouped functionalities intended for use in the kitchen into a single space, making them easier toWe have grouped functionalities intended for use in the kitchen into a single space so that they are easier to access and use. We have added a favorites tabto organize more easily the icons that the user wants to have at hand. We have incorporated to each of the management areas the corresponding reports (in addition to having them grouped in their own tab). As for the dashboardour goal is that each user can configure it with the KPIs they want in the future.
Summit Gstock 2024 V3 Gstock Gstock Gstock
We have also added new functionalities, such as a new new transfer tool which allows you to transfer processed (sub-recipes) and request transfers to other associated cost centers, sales and demand forecasting, improved the inventory tool by adding the by adding the calculation of bottle content by weighing, we have added a menu wheel to help the menu wheel to assist in the design and forecasting of orders, improved traceabilityWe improved traceability and also rappel management. In addition, V3 brings with it the improvement of the CECOVE.

The purpose of V3 is clear: to give you the Superpowers you need to get profitability under control. That's why we're open to integrating with the tools you need.

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Ideas on digital management from our partners

At Gstock we have a clear philosophy: without integration there is no digital management and no profitability. That's why we try to surround ourselves with the best travel partners, those who help us build the digital highway so that you can have profitability under control. At our Summit we had six Speed Sessions in which our six partners presented their solutions and tools to digitize management. 

Opened the Speed Sessions our Premium Partner Voxel, with a session on new developments in the electronic invoicing law in Spain, the advantages of digitizing the entire supply chain and the potential of the alliance between Gstock and Voxel to automate the purchasing process. Docuindexa presented its delivery note digitization tool, Cookdata demonstrated its Business Intelligence dashboards, ITCON presented the integration of Gstock with Business Central and brought us the Lamucca success story, Eating Hoteling presented their dashboards - designed especially for hotels - from data collected with Gstock and Elder Analytics demonstrated its kitchen labeling machine.

We share some of the most interesting ideas on digital management that we heard during the day.

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"The most important thing for the digital transformation of any business is the change of mindset. You can't digitize well by thinking that you hire a program and push a button. The change of mindset is fundamental."

Pedro Nágera - Voxel

"The quality of the delivery note is key to digitize it and have the raw material under control. Speed and immediacy in checking the delivery note and the quality of the delivery note are essential for total control."

Carlos Aparisi - Docuindexa

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"The whole point of information is that we don't have to go looking for it: what we need to spend time doing is analyzing that information. Data governance is also key, so that data can be easily integrated in a natural way."

Luis San Segundo - Cookdata

"To integrate is to unite two worlds. To achieve this, the work of data standardization is fundamental."

Luis Cortes & Rafael Rivera - ITCON

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"The profitability of any business is based on getting and analyzing all the KPIs in real time to be able to maneuver and make decisions. This depends on loading delivery notes so, if you don't have delivery notes, you have nothing."

Andrea Scalía - Eating Hoteling

"A good labeling system greatly improves raw material management and influences profitability."

Jaime González-Arnao - Elder Analítica

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And so much for our Summit! Thanks to the almost 150 attendees who joined us, in person or virtually. We are very happy to have shared this day with you because you are our raison d'être, you inspire us and push us to improve.

The real Superheroes of this profitability story.

We are already looking forward to seeing you again next year and we are working to recover the double venue and celebrate it in Madrid and Barcelona. Until then, we keep working to keep your profitability under control.