gstock mobile app, All the control on your mobile phone

Fast, agile tasks that save a lot of time and money, quick inventories, orders in two clicks, uncomplicated recording of shrinkage in seconds.

Dashboard Gstock

New! From the gstock Dashboard you will have real-time information about sales, purchases, transfers and shrinkage with time periods of one day, 7 days, 30 days and the current month, you will also be able to see your next stocks with Cover Manager.

Mobile ordering from suppliers

Ordering from your suppliers has never been so easy. New! Order proposal by stock, orders from lists or by supplier. Possibility to propose and authorise before shipment.

Production tool

Create production orders from your mobile phone and streamline production processes, all under control.

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Fast and efficientinventories

Inventory module from your mobile, scan in the warehouse with your mobile and make the inventory much faster, print barcodes for the products to be inventoried and capture the weight. 

Shrinkage recording from the App

Reduces shrinkage and accidental waste of products or semi-finished products.

Automatic delivery notes

App to manage delivery notes instantly from the order and stop wasting time registering it, gstock does it for you.

Transfers between centres

Records all transfers between sites, full traceability of raw materials, real time stock control.

Ios gstock app
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google play gstock app
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Need more information?

Gstock mobile app

From the mobile App you will be able to place orders with suppliers, make inventories, create shrinkage and production orders, scanning from your mobile phone

🚀 Sending orders is easier than ever, and also converts the order into a delivery note in the warehouse stock in real time, and also performs inventories from the same app using the scanner of your camera.

In other words, it has never been so easy!

Free of charge for Gstock👏👏 users