Monitor in real time the stock of products in the warehouse and control your raw materials.

Control your stock in real time with Gstock, our stock tool that allows you to configure the minimum and ideal stock of each product and detect the minimum efficient rotation.

Automate inventory management in your hospitality business and reduce up to 80% the time to take inventory. It works on unlimited devices and allows you to customize permissions according to your needs.

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How does it work?

Are you tired of struggling with inventory control and stock tracking of ingredients and semi-finished products in your business?

Easily manage your inventory and stock of ingredients and semi-finished products with Gstock, our inventory management tool.

Main benefits:


Your stock controlled from your POS

Using a POS system allows you to control your stock efficiently, ensuring that you always have the products you need to serve your customers and maximize your profits.


Accuracy in your inventory with Gstock

Manages locations by plant and records transfers between plants. 

Inventory from your mobile

Inventory by EAN & SKU scanner from the mobile app and connection with the scale via wifi/bluetooth, to speed up the work, centralized inventory management option for chains.

Minimum Stock Alarms

Minimum ingredient alarm and automatic order proposal.

You need Gstock for your stock and inventory control because:


Efficient inventory automation

Reduce the time you spend on inventory by up to 80% and improve efficiency by automating the process.


Accurate inventory with automated recording

Records all movements automatically, detects and corrects errors, eliminates the difference between actual and book inventory.


Real-time customized reports

With the ability to adjust the update frequency per product, receive alerts in critical situations and review your inventories efficiently.


Optimize your warehouse with ideal stock

Gstock allows you to configure the minimum and ideal stock of each product, improving the management of purchases and the rotation of your warehouse.


Price alerts for your orders

Receive automatic alerts for any price variation with respect to the previous order, keeping you always informed.


Optimize your inventories with precision

Avoid overages and stock-outs: manage your orders and purchases with precision and efficiency.

The tool works on any mobile device and allows you to configure as many users as you need, assigning the appropriate permissions to each of them. With it, you can involve all your employees in inventory management, improving efficiency and collaboration in your company.

Profitability Keys

With Gstock you will get:


Improve inventory management by automating the process:

With each sale recorded at the POS, the inventory level for each product is updated. 


Improve the team's commitment to inventory:

With Gstock it is simple, fast and can be done from your cell phone.


Save time in taking inventory:

Free up your team's time to focus on tasks critical to the profitability of your business.


Optimize your decision making with real-time monitoring of your inventory:

Adjust your purchasing and product rotation to maximize profits

Gstock will help you if you are:

A restaurant or hotel chain, a hotel, a restaurant, a dark kitchen, a central bakery, a catering company...

Hotel or restaurant chain



Dark Kitchen


Happy customers with Gstock

Thanks to Gstock I have the recipes organised and the cost control updated up to date. I know the profitability of the dishes every day.

Fernando Ruiz Jiménez

Chef & Owner, PaiPai Restaurant

"I no longer have to wait weeks for last month's results from the management company, Gstock gives them to me right away and I make decisions much sooner."



Gstock is the best option to make your F&B business profitable because...

Reduce your raw material consumption by up to 5%

With our inventory control and raw materials management software.

No commitment of permanence

You can test our software without obligation and cancel at any time.

Gstock is 100% cloud

No installation required: works on any device with Internet access.

Free mobile app

Keep control of your inventory in the palm of your hand with our multi-device mobile app.

No initial investment

Our software works for a monthly fee that includes updates and support.

No user limit

Our software has no user limits: you can add as many users as you need at no additional cost.

Customized user profiles and roles

We customize the software in detail to suit your business needs: we offer customized licenses and specific and certified training.

Seamless integration

Our software is designed to integrate with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and other business tools for greater efficiency and productivity.

Training and support

We offer professional and fast support to solve any doubt or problem you may have.

No limits, everything under control

Our software has been tested and successfully used by companies of all sizes: we are market leaders.

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