Gstock Reports

Detailed reports on purchases, price variations and stock differences. Know the Real Cost and Theoretical Cost of your business, with an immediacy unknown until now.

Gstock is the most complete purchasing management software for restaurants and hotels on the market.


The report that every restaurant manager should have on his desk on the 1st of every month. It shows the actual consumption for the period, including any waste that may have been generated. In addition to the overall product cost, it will show the percentage for each category and even product level.


This is the cost that we should have obtained during the period, the cost must be calculated from the updated purchase prices and the costings. It is considered to be theoretical because it is assumed that the ranges are accurately tracked.



This report, based on the difference in inventories, incoming goods (purchases and transfers) and outgoing goods (sales, wastage and transfers), must calculate the theoretical stock of each product in the warehouse, and when confronted with the real stock, it shows the differences in stocks (wastage) and the value of this difference. 

A single platform to manage purchasing, consumption and stock control for restaurants and hotels.

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