Keep your accounts under control with Gstock

Gstock is an accounting solution that allows you to keep your accounts under control from minute 0. By synchronizing the purchase of raw materials with your accounting software, you can improve the relationship with your suppliers and keep a clearer and more accurate management of your expenses and income.

Generation of invoices for total and partial orders.


Optimization of the invoice verification and payment process.


Management without surprises that result in losses.

How does it work?

With Gstock, synchronize your purchasing processes with your accounting software, get real data from your business and generate delivery notes and invoices in real time.

Main benefits:


Keep your accounts always up to date

With real-time synchronization of your raw material purchasing processes with your accounting software, you can keep your accounts always up to date and avoid errors or oversights that cost you money.



Know in real time the status of your accounts

Thanks to the continuous feeding of real data, you will be able to know in real time the status of your accounts and make informed decisions about the management of your business.



No delays in the issuance of invoices

With Gstock, you will be able to generate delivery notes and invoices as the purchase and sale actions occur, without delays and in a fast and efficient way.


You need Gstock for your stock and inventory control because:

Monitor your business in real time

Keep constant track of your finances thanks to real-time synchronization with Gstock.

Validate your invoices without errors

Ensures correct validation of invoices prior to payment, eliminating errors and improving transparency.

Goodbye to human error

Align your accounting processes with Gstock to avoid transcription errors and improve accuracy.


Stronger relationships with suppliers

Optimize payment management and improve your supplier relations, enhancing transparency and efficiency.

Faster and more efficient billing

Group and generate invoices quickly and easily, optimizing your accounting processes with Gstock.

Profitability Keys

With Gstock you will get:


Saving time and money:

Automates the processing of delivery notes and invoices.

No billing errors:

Put an end to mistakes that cost you money and deteriorate supplier relationships.

Improved profitability:

Keeps clear accounts and optimizes financial management.

Gstock will help you if you are:

A restaurant or hotel chain, a hotel, a restaurant, a dark kitchen, a central bakery, a catering company...

Hotel or restaurant chain



Dark Kitchen


Happy customers with Gstock

Thanks to Gstock I have the recipes organised and the cost control updated up to date. I know the profitability of the dishes every day.
Fernando Ruiz Jiménez

Chef & Owner, PaiPai Restaurant

"I no longer have to wait weeks for last month's results from the management company, Gstock gives them to me right away and I make decisions much sooner."



Gstock is the best option to make your F&B business profitable because...

Reduce your raw material consumption by up to 5%

With our inventory control and raw materials management software.

No commitment of permanence

You can test our software without obligation and cancel at any time.

Gstock is 100% cloud

No installation required: works on any device with Internet access.

Free mobile app

Keep control of your inventory in the palm of your hand with our multi-device mobile app.

No initial investment

Our software works for a monthly fee that includes updates and support.

No user limit

Our software has no user limits: you can add as many users as you need at no additional cost.

Customized user profiles and roles

We customize the software in detail to suit your business needs: we offer customized licenses and specific and certified training.

Seamless integration

Our software is designed to integrate with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and other business tools for greater efficiency and productivity.

Training and support

We offer professional and fast support to solve any doubt or problem you may have.

No limits, everything under control

Our software has been tested and successfully used by companies of all sizes: we are market leaders.

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