Frequently asked questions about Gstock

Frequently asked questions about using Gstock

frequently asked questions about gstock
Can I link Gstock to my sales program?

Gstock is already linked to some of the leading POS sales, supplier and accounting software. Check if your software is integrated with GSTOCK by following this link

is an initial disbursement compulsory?

No, to start using G-Stock you just need to sign up and start using it, you only need to pay the monthly fee. There is an initial paid training, it is not mandatory but it is recommended to understand the correct operation of G-Stock. 

Is there a permanence obligation?
No, just give us one month's notice and we will cancel your membership.
Is there a helpdesk for initial configuration and start-up?

Yes, at G-Stock we offer you an optional paid configuration and start-up service that includes:

  • Configuration of products, suppliers. 
  • Online training.
  • Introduction of the first month of delivery notes. 
  • Consultant Gstock.
Is my data safe?
  • Data is sent encrypted over the network with the SSL certificate.
  • Our data is stored on Amazon Web Services with high levels of security.
  • We make daily backups.
Why is G-Stock different from other programmes?
It is a web application, so it does not require local installation and does not depend on a local computer. It is accessible from anywhere, you only need internet access. There is no limit to the number of users. It is very easy to learn because it uses an intuitive environment that allows it to be used from any tablet, without a mouse or keyboard. It does not require any purchase outlay, because it is only available on a "pay-per-use" basis. It costs €90 per month.