Optimize your dark kitchen management and control your raw material consumption with Gstock. 

With Gstock, you will have an exhaustive control of your raw material consumption in your dark kitchen. Our tool will allow you to know your consumption from registration to sale, which will help you make efficient decisions and reduce your actual consumption by up to 10%. In addition, with Gstock you can avoid surprises that can translate into losses for your business. Improve the control and efficiency of your dark kitchen with Gstock.


Real time control of raw material.


10% reduction in actual consumption.


Avoid losses with exhaustive control.

Dark Kitchen Gstock

Gstock for dark kitchens

You need to manage the raw material consumption of your dark kitchen with Gstock because...

Exhaustive control of purchases:

With Gstock you will be able to keep anexhaustive control of all your purchases, from the moment the products enter your warehouse until they are sold.

Data from the entire chain in a single control panel:

Integration with delivery operators: Gstock integrates with the main delivery operators, allowing you to work with several at the same time and specifically control sales through each of them.

Specific tools for dark kitchens:

Gstock offers integration with specific tools for dark kitchens, so you can keep an efficient control of your business.

Control of purchases and outgoing goods:

With Gstock, you will have complete control of your purchases and outgoing goods through different channels, which will help you make informed decisions and improve the efficiency of your business.

Gstock is the best option to monetize your dark kitchen:

Reduce your raw material consumption by up to 10% Real

With our inventory control and raw materials management software.

No commitment of permanence

You can test our software without obligation and cancel at any time.

Gstock is 100% cloud

No installation required: works on any device with Internet access.

Free mobile app

Keep control of your inventory in the palm of your hand with our multi-device mobile app.

No initial investment

Our software works for a monthly fee that includes updates and support.

No user limit

Our software has no user limits: you can add as many users as you need at no additional cost.

Customized user profiles and roles

We customize the software in detail to suit your business needs: we offer customized licenses and specific and certified training.

Seamless integration

Our software is designed to integrate with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and other business tools for greater efficiency and productivity.

Training and support

We offer professional and fast support to solve any doubt or problem you may have.

No limits, everything under control

Our software has been tested and successfully used by companies of all sizes: we are market leaders.

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Incredible digital solution to facilitate the management of equipment that helps us to have greater control! Basic for a correct standardization and for an orderly growth!

In short, you have helped us to professionalize a large part of our business. Thank you!

Gonzalo Iceta

Founder, Healthy Poke

Thanks to Gstock I have the recipes organised and the cost control updated up to date. I know the profitability of the dishes every day.

Fernando Ruiz Jiménez


It is a pleasure to work with G-Stock and to be able to count on tools that make us keep improving day by day, betting on promoting our gastronomy all over the world!

César figari

GM & Founder, quispe group

"I no longer have to wait weeks for last month's results from the management company, Gstock gives them to me right away and I can make decisions much sooner".



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