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A single platform to manage purchases, consumption and stock control.

Stock control tool, purchasing and inventory control, restaurant and hotel management software, order management software, kitchen scandals software.

Menu Engineering

Monitor and improve margins
in real time. Optimise sales
and margins.

Orders to suppliers

Order proposal for suitable stock. Control everything you order and put an end to excessive orders.

Shrinkage and waste management

Reduces shrinkage and accidental wastage of products or semi-finished or semi-finished products.

Detailed reports

Monitor raw material prices in real time and how they affect the margins of the scandals. 


Production tool

Schedule future productions and assign them to team members.

Stock Control

Monitor in real time the stock of products in the warehouse. warehouse.

Theoretical and actual consumption

Don't just rely on the profit and loss account, keep a timely and real time track of your costs and margins on sales.
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Gstock is the most complete purchasing and inventory management and control software for restaurants and hotels in the market.

Inventory and stock control app 

Control your purchases with Gstock

It manages from the beginning of the process: "the order". It receives the order, registers incidences, informs the supplier of them and sends him an auto-albarán, registers accidental wastage, carries out inventories, calculates real costs and consumption, manages scandals and calculates theoretical costs and consumption ...

All the control on your mobile

From the mobile App you will be able to place orders to suppliers, make inventories, create shrinkage, production orders, scanning from your mobile phone.

Mobile ordering from suppliers

Ordering from your suppliers has never been so easy. New! Order proposal by stock, orders from lists or by supplier. Possibility to propose and authorise before shipment.

Shrinkage recording from the App

Reduces waste and accidental wastage of semi-finished products or

Automatic delivery notes

App to manage delivery notes instantly from the order and stop wasting time registering it, gstock does it for you.

Fast and efficientinventories

Inventory module from your mobile, scan in the warehouse with your mobile and make the inventory much faster, print barcodes for the products to be inventoried and capture the weight.

Bluetooth or network connection with digital scale, captures the weight of the raw material from a scale and saves a lot of time.

Transfers between centres

Records all transfers between sites, full traceability of raw materials, real time Stoxk control.

Production tool

Create production orders from your mobile phone and streamline production processes, all under control.

Get your Digital Kit with Gstock 

Gstock helps you get the Digital Kit for the Horeca Channel

Detailed reports and analysis

Detailed reports on purchases, price variations and stock differences. Know the Real Cost and Theoretical Cost of your business, with an immediacy unknown until now.

Allergen reports, purchase reports, price reports, stock variation, sales, recipe reports...

Gstock features

No commitment

There is no commitment of permanence: terminate unilaterally whenever you want.

In the cloud

No installation, with secure server, from any place and device.

No Investment

You don't have to buy the application, you pay a small monthly fee for its use with updates and support included.


Take advantage of our new Gstock Academy, the new way to train and certify all employees using Gstock.

Happy customers with Gstock

We already have a lot of happy customers saving a lot of money on their restaurant purchases.

Thanks to Gstock I have the recipes organised and the cost control updated up to date. I know the profitability of the dishes every day.

Fernando Ruiz Jiménez

Chef & Owner, PaiPai Restaurant

"I have several integrations, with the POS, with the accounting software of the agency, I am saving a lot of time and money thanks to them".



"I no longer have to wait weeks for last month's results from the management company, Gstock gives them to me right away and I can make decisions much sooner".



Gstock integrations

Gstock can be linked with many of the best POS systems on the market, with suppliers, ERP's and accounting software, we are currently linked with all of these, if you don't see yours, just ask us.

Our partners integrated with Gstock offer a single view, allowing you to manage your business at full capacity.

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