Keeping an accurate and real-time control of raw material consumption, analyzing data to detect problems in time, optimizing decision making, improving team commitment, improving the relationship with suppliers... These are just some of the key benefits of the new technologies. keys to keeping profitability under control in our food and beverage business. 

Errors in stock and raw material management as common as buying at higher prices than we have in the price list, receiving less merchandise than what the delivery note says (and not checking it), not following the quantities established in the recipe when preparing the orders in the kitchen, wrong portioning of the portions or not knowing the disappearances of product (or overlooking them), are a constant drain of money in the hotel and catering industry and prevent the profitability of the company. are a constant drain of money in the hotel and catering business and prevent profitability (and even in the most serious cases, they put the business in the red).

Gstock allows you to monitor and control your raw material consumption in real time and shows you the information you need to know to make decisions that optimize your raw material consumption and improve your profitability. profitabilitykeeping it under control under control.

In this article we explain how you can avoid mistakes and improve the efficiency efficiency of your purchases, why why monitoring your suppliers' price variations of your suppliers is essential to reach your profitability target or how a good menu engineering influences your profitability. menu engineeringamong other keys to have your profitability under control with Gstock.
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Profitability under control with Gstock


How does Gstock help you keep profitability under control in your food and beverage business?


Improving decision making

Thanks to our technology, designed and developed with the specific needs of hospitality businesses in mind, we provide you with in real time and in a simple and understandable way the information you need in information you need to make decisions that lead you to improve your margins and control your costs.

Understand your sales figures, revenues, costs, discounts and margins before making decisions that affect profitability. profitability is key. Use Gstock to get a clear understanding of your data, get detailed pricing and margin information by product and make data-driven decisions to keep your profitability under control.

Improving your team's commitment


The implementation of digital tools for control and management is not easy and often encounters resistance from the teams. Gstock is designed to everyone to feel part of the process of keeping profitability under control, that's why it focuses on optimizing long and tedious processes for the staff.and that is why it focuses on optimizing long and tedious processes for the staff, such as taking inventories.

Gstock improves the team's commitment to inventory, thanks to the simple, fast and mobile-friendly process. It also improves inventory management thanks to the automation of the process: with each sale registered at the POS, the inventory level for each product is updated.

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Improving the relationship with your suppliers


Purchases at higher prices than those shown on the price list, receipt of goods in quantities lower than those shown on the delivery note, food that performs worse or less than expected... These are common problems in the day-to-day running of a food and beverage business and affect its profitability. A good relationship with our suppliers helps to solve these problems, keeping our profitability under control. profitability under control.

And for the relationship with our suppliers to be good, it must be clear and traceable from start to finish. In other words, it must be digital from the purchase order to the final invoice. Get it with Gstock.

Thanks to our tool for orders to suppliers you can forecast needs to optimize purchasing protocols, make better decisions and automate them. You will have at hand the information you need to negotiate better conditions, with our price history, and you will be able to control your raw material intake through your cell phone.


Improving the management of your menu (and your kitchen)


Our menu and production engineering tools, among other features, help you optimize your raw material consumption with menu and kitchen management aimed at keeping profitability under control in your business. Say goodbye with Gstock to preparations that do not follow the recipe, portioning errors and other consumption deviations that cost you money.

Knows the yield of each dish ingredient by ingredient and detects the most profitable dishes in real time to make better to make better decisions about your offer. Get the most out of your large-scale preparations with the sub-recipe settings you will find in our tool: adjust quantities to actual demand and reduce waste to a minimum.

Improving your accounting management


Keep your business accounts clear and optimize your financial management with Gstock. Thanks to our supplier hub you can automate the processing of delivery notes and invoices, so that they enter directly into accounting.

Put an end to mistakes that cost you money and deteriorate supplier relationships.

Increase your profitability with Gstock. Schedule a demo with us and discover all that Gstock can do for your business, so that you have your profitability under control.