Meet María, Pablo and Estrella. María is a renowned hotel businesswoman, with three establishments in a city of more than 200,000 inhabitants, one of them iconic and which is the establishment of reference for celebrations and events (from May to September, do not look for a date if it is not a year in advance); however, when it is time to make accounts at the end of the year, the results do not correspond to the popularity of their business, However, when the time comes to do the accounts at the end of the year, the results do not correspond to the popularity of its business, especially in the events business.especially in the events business. And no matter how many times you think about it, you don't understand why.

Pablo started in the family business by helping out when he was just a teenager and the brand only had the first establishment, almost a hundred years old and much loved in his city. Things have gone well for them: in 20 years they have grown to currently have six physical stores open and one online, which has led Pablo to think that they could continue to expand their concept, at least in his city and province. Because the fact is that they grow, they grow, but they don't take off as he hoped they would.And that - for not listening to his manager, with whom he talks because he has no other choice and because she calls him from time to time, especially when he is late with some paper - he is already cutting expenses from where he can cut back. he is already cutting expenses wherever he can, wherever he thinks he can save some money..

Estrella runs a restaurant in one of the most touristic cities in the country and it is practically always full, especially from April to October. She opened her business 10 years ago and it was clear from the beginning that she wanted to do things right, so she hired a management program to keep track of everything. And at the beginning he more or less managed it, but the thing is that he has a lot of work and little time and then he never remembered to look at the reports or he wasn't very clear about what he was being told. The fact is that his business is always full and suppliers knock on his door every morning with new goods that disappear in the blink of an eye. when it comes down to it, the profitability is never as high as she thinks it should be..

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María, Pablo and Estrella are hoteliers with faces and eyes. Real restaurateurs. That raise their shutters every day, seek to offer quality in what they do, try to present the customer with an innovative proposal with their menu or their business model, work to provide good service, to listen to the customer, restaurateurs who in some cases have even begun to digitize - very timidly - some part of their business. And it is not that they get bad results (or not continuously), but they know that their businesses have more potential and that they have a better chance of success. they know that their business has more potential and that this potential is going down the sink and they don't understand how it can be..

Maria realizes when she looks at the she looks at the numbers at the end of the year (the year she remembers that, as the owner, she would have to look at them, of course). Manuel notices it two or three times a year, especially when something doesn't add upespecially when something doesn't add up and he has to go over the numbers with the management company. Estrella notices it every quarterwhen all the payments come in and she sees that the profitability is not as high as she thought it would be.

What Maria, Pablo and Estrella have in common is one thing: they lack the 'Real Time' Superpower they would have if they managed their raw material with Gstock.

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Real Time: the Gstock Superpower your business needs

The 'Real-Time' Superpower allows you to key information about your business with the immediacy you need to make decisions with one goal: to improve profitability.

How does the 'Real Time' Superpower work with Gstock? 


  • Our dashboard presents you with real-time information on sales, purchases, transfers and shrinkage, with time periods of 1 day, 7 days, 30 days and the current month with time periods of 1 day, 7 days, 30 days and the current month, so you can choose the periodicity that best suits your business and your decision making needs.
  • You will be able to check the Real and Theoretical Cost in real time, with an immediacy you have never had beforeYou will be able to check the Real and Theoretical Cost in real time, with an immediacy that you have not had until now and that will help you to improve your results based on management.
  • Our reports on sales and profitability of your dishes allow you to keep up to date with you to keep up to date with the performance of your menu and identify in real time the most popular dishes, the most and least profitable, to make decisions that turn into profits.
  • Detecting errors in the management of raw materials, in your purchases and in the reception of product, and tracking the link between PLUs and recipes with the frequency you decide allows you to to be much more agile in making decisions that cost you money..
  • Improve your relationship with suppliers by monitoring price variations in real time and compare through a detailed history. and compare through a detailed history.

These data are compiled and reflected in intuitive and easy to understand reports. You can select the periodicity of each report and adapt it to your business needs.

Apply the 'Real Time' Superpower in your hospitality business and improve your profitability with Gstock. Don't put off until tomorrow what you can have under control today. Choose Gstock: profitability under control.