Digitizing the supplier-hospitality relationship is one of the key points of digital management, one of the issues that most concerns and worries the Horeca Channel (and especially, the hotelier) and one of our big bets.

To reinforce our commitment to this key issue in the hospitality industry and to make it easier for you to manage, we have recently entered into a strategic strategic alliance with Voxela company with which we have a long-standing partnership, leader in its field in the Horeca Channel and which, as you know, specializes in the development of solutions for the digitization of the supply chain. This alliance with Voxel is the result of months of work and, above all, of sharing a common vision on how to help the real and complete digitization of the sector's value chain.

In practice, the agreement translates into the integration of both platformsThe agreement will enable all our users to complete the digitization of their supply chain from start to finish, with electronic delivery notes and electronic invoices through a single connection.

In addition, if your business is a user of both platforms, from now on you will be able to add more functionalities to the issuance of electronic orders in order to save time and money and achieve a harmonized and optimized sourcing process. and achieve a harmonized and optimized procurement process.

Our CEO and founder, Federico Fritzsch, valued this agreement and emphasized that it represents "a significant added value for our users, a greater usability of our system and a reinforcement of our commitment to the and a reinforcement of our commitment to the digitalization of the supplier-host relationship". Thanks to our integration with Voxel, we can offer "a complete digitalization experience without having to make new technological developments". A poor supplier relationship greatly affects the operations, profitability and smooth running of the business, weighing down the results.Bad orders, bad receipts, bad invoicing, bad reconciliation of delivery notes and invoices that end up in a bad accounting... It is a critical point, especially if we take into account that there are many suppliers and not all of them work in the same way, so integrating with one does not automatically mean integrating with all of them. The alliance between Voxel and Gstock allows our customers to put this in order."said Federico.

On behalf of Voxel, Héctor Martín, VP of global sales, highlighted that this agreement is part of the company's strategy to maximize the value proposition in the Horeca Channel and strengthen collaboration with other relevant companies in the sector. "In the medium term, the objective is to create a collaborative ecosystem, like an 'information highway', and integrate technological solutions and platforms that add value in the process of digitizing the supply chain. In addition to digitizing other processes associated with the supply chain, such as the front-office, for example.".

Voxel flow Gstock HIP 2024 supplier relationship page 0001 Gstock

The Japanese restaurant and gastronomy chain Nomo Groupa user of both platforms, is already using this integration. Within the framework of HIP and as part of the round table discussion 'Digitalization of the Horeca relationship with suppliers'.moderated by our CEO and with the interventions of Marc Mañas, CPO of Voxel; Mireia Borrás, deputy COO of Quantum; Ramón Jiménez, partner and director of Grupo Nomo and Daniel Ibáñez, head of e-commerce and digital of Bidfood, we addressed precisely the benefits that this alliance and this type of integrations have for hospitality businesses, in terms of digital management for profitability.

From Grupo Nomo, Ramón Jiménez explained in his speech that "when we started this project, we had a very ambitious goal: to cover the management of purchases, which account for a third of our company's business area, and to do so in all the areas involved in the purchasing process. Our ambition was to control the management of orders in the restaurants, to rationalize it and to enable us to validate delivery notes on the basis of orders, for example when there are shift changes. From there, our ambition in the administrative department was to abandon all mechanical tasks that do not add value, such as typing delivery notes, if we are talking about purchasing. Until we had implemented this process, it was impossible to. Also We have also become much more proactive in price control and purchasing management, with almost immediate data.with practically immediate data.

Regarding the non-digital management of delivery notes, Ramón acknowledged that "at the time, 50% of our administrative department's time was spent literally typing delivery notes. To have abandoned this by digitizing the process is absolute heaven.. And in addition to that, we have key data such as making scandals with yesterday's market prices".

Below you can see the complete round table, with very interesting data of this case study that materializes the Voxel-Gstock alliance.

With Gstock, profitability under control