He wears blue, has a big G on his chest and his goal is to help you take control and make better decisions about your raw materials, so that your business is profitable. Gstocker is the Superhero that you need for that keep your profitability under control from a wish to a reality in your hospitality business. Why?


  •  It will help you understand your sales, revenue sales, revenue, costs, discounts and margins, so you can make decisions that will improve your margins and profitability.
  • You will be able to control your costs thanks to detailed information on prices and margins per product.
  • Thanks to our mobile app pou will be able to make inventories faster and easierinvolving the whole team, reducing time spent and errors.
  • It is a fantastic detector of raw material management problems in time, thanks to the sales and consumption history.Thanks to the history of sales and consumption, which will help you to solve them before they affect your income.

And all this... How will you achieve it? Thanks to the Gstocker SuperpowersSuperpowers: the Superpowers your business needs so that your profitability starts to grow. In this article we present them to you in detail and tell you how our Superhero can help you keep your your profitability under control.

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Gstock superpowers to keep your profitability under control

Real-time data and reports in a single dashboard:


The Real-Time Super Power allows you to know key information about your business with the immediacy you need to make decisions that help you improve profitability. From our optimized dashboard, designed to be intuitive and provide you with the data you need, you'll get real-time information on sales, purchases, transfers and shrinkage with time periods of 1 day, 7 days, 30 days and the current month. The 'Real Time' Super Power gives you:


  • Real and Theoretical Cost in real time with an immediacy that you have not had until now.
  • Identifies popular and profitable dishes: reports on sales and profitability of dishes.
  • Detect errors in your purchases and in the receipt of product, and track the linkage between PLUs and recipes.
  • Monitor your suppliers' price variations through a detailed history.


These data are compiled and reflected in intuitive, easy-to-understand intuitive and easy-to-understand reports.. You can select the periodicity of each report and adapt it to your business needs.

Digitalization of the delivery note

Daily profitability control (margins and costs):


The Superpower 'Daily Control allows you to monitor the complete performance of your business in real time, keep an eye on your margins, know your actual sales (multi-site) and detect errors that cost you money.You can monitor your margins, know your actual sales (multi-site) and detect errors that cost you money, as well as keep track of unjustified stock outflows.


  • Our comparator between theoretical and actual consumptionswhich allows you to know at a glance the stock variation.
  • Our sales, purchases, consumption and multi-center A&B Ratio comparator allows you to to know the performance and profitability of your business in detail.. With this tool you can compare and contrast different key metrics of your business in real time and make informed and effective decisions to improve your performance and profitability.
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Price variation alerts:

Thanks to the Supplier Ordering Superpower you will be able to have a 360º vision of your business and control your orders to suppliers at all times, as well as improve the relationship with them and work on your profitability in an easy and accessible way from your smartphone. One of the most interesting functionalities is the system of price variation alertsThis will let you know in real time when a product changes price, so you can check how it affects your price lists and your profitability and make purchasing decisions. In addition, with the price history you will have the information you need to negotiate better conditions. Three Superpowers in one!

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Digitalization of the delivery note for REAL control of your stock:

The Superpower 'Digitalization of delivery notes with OCR', materialized in the delivery note digitalization tool developed by Docuindexa, materialized in the delivery note digitalization tool developed by Docuindexa, will allow you to control and improve the profitability of your hospitality business by means of the automatic data extraction in delivery notes and invoices. It is a SaaS solution powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning of last generation, which digitizes delivery notes and invoices with all its product lines.

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Full operation through the Gstock app with scanning:


With the Total Operational Super Power you will be able to control your business in the palm of your hand, through our mobile app with scanning from which you will be able to:


  • Make inventories by scanning through the device's camera. 
  • Orders to suppliers. 
  • Create and control shrinkage. 
  • Create production orders. 
  • Convert the purchase order into a delivery note for entry into the warehouse stock in real time. 
  • Transfers between centers.
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All your programs integrated and connected:


The Integration' Super Power is one of the most powerful that Gstocker has so that you can have the profitability of your business under control. At Gstock we defend that integration is the key to good digital management and we take our philosophy to all our actions. We are integrated, among other applications, with...


  • The main POS to drive sales analysis and optimized product development.
  • With ERPs for accounting controlThe tool sends delivery notes and invoices so that the accounting department can check them without wasting time.
  • With an increasing number of suppliersso you can have orders and catalogs synchronized in real time.
  • With Docuindexa, which digitizes purchase automatically processes your information and synchronizes it with Gstock, optimizing inventory updates and reducing manual errors.
  • With the Business Intelligence market leaders, to which Gstock provides purchasing information for analysis and KPI's.

With stock applicationsfrom which Gstock receives forecast data so that you can optimize productions and stocks.

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Detailed shrinkage analysis:

And with the Superpower 'Shrinkage and WasteSuper Power, identify and reduce shrinkage in your kitchen, avoid bad practices, product loss and accidental waste of products or semi-finished products. Accelerate your shrink and waste management through our mobile app.. What you throw away is a reflection of your raw material management efficiency: improve it with Gstock. This functionality will help you improve the profitability of your business and also its sustainability, calculating wastage in detail by product, recipe and sub-recipe. With this Super Power, you will be able to identify areas of improvement in your business and make informed decisions to reduce shrinkage and improve profitability.

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Whatever you need to keep your hospitality business profitability under control and make it grow, ask Gstock. We are the leading tool for stock and raw material control.