Labeling in the kitchen is necessary for two fundamental reasonsIt is required by hygienic-sanitary regulations in force (to avoid cross-contamination and ensure food safety) and because it is necessary for to manage consumption and wastage of your food and beverage business it is key to know what you have produced.


With Gstock you have control of raw materials and stocks. In addition, we have features that make it easy to control traceability in your hospitality business, as well as to comply with the current regulations mentioned above. 


In this article we present an integration very interesting in this sense. We have done it with ELDER Laboratorio, distributor of Datecode Genie, labeling software for traceability control (among other functionalities). The American company NCCO Foodservice Solutions, the leading expert in food safety for the industrial kitchen sector in Europe, is the developer.


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4 key facts about Datecode Genie and how it helps you improve traceability


  • It is a free free and 100% cloud-based application that is used to print labels in industrial kitchen environments.
  • To use Datecode Genie you need a tablet, a printer and labels. In Spain these products must be purchased exclusively from ELDER Laboratorio.
  • Gstock and Datecode Genie are independent applications that have in common the management of productions (recipes).
  • Datecode Genie has many more utilities than those integrated with Gstock, including nutritional information, so it is very complete to keep an exhaustive control of your productions.


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Gstock and Datecode Genie: integrating to improve your efficiency and profitability

The use of Datecode Genie in your kitchen, combined with Gstock, allows you to improve the control of raw materials, as well as the traceability and food safety of your recipes, sub-recipes (semi-finished products and pre-preparations) and any other element related to the order book. 


Specifically, the integration makes it possible to export from Gstock to excel all the sub-recipes to be able to import them from Datecode in bulk. That is: recipes, ingredients, allergens... are managed in Gstock and, through a simple export, you save the typing of all this information in Datecode and avoid duplicating work.


So, using NCCO software combined with Gstock you can print customized labels for your productions and correctly label any preparation - whether for storage or for sale - in compliance with regulations. The labels are automatically fed with the data you enter in Gstock: batch number and expiry date of the products you buy ready-made, batch number and expiry date of the products you sell, allergens, ingredients... 

It is important to note that Datecode and Gstock manage cost centers in the same way ("ceco" in Gstock and "location" in Datecode). ("ceco" in Gstock and "location" in Datecode). This means that it is possible to manage several "cecos" with different assigned sub-recipes. If the user has, for example, 3 restaurants, each sub-recipe can be linked or not to each of them and the export will respect the previously configured linkage. However, for correct operation, it is essential that the names of the cost centers (Gstock) and locations (Datecode) are written exactly the same. If this is not the case, the sub-recipes will not be assigned correctly and there will be errors in the export.

As explained above, Datecode has many more utilities than those integrated with Gstock. We are working to cover all the data fields that the NCCO software distributed by ELDER Laboratorio manages, so we will soon add nutritional information labels on recipes, among others.


This tool makes it possible to keep track of productions and also saves time and frees your staff from the time-consuming and tedious function of hand labeling all those productions. Getting it right with the traditional analog method is quite difficult, which means it is not done in practice.


The software is very simple to use and is designed for easy use in the kitchen. The tool is very versatile for labeling and allows maximum customization of labels to meet the specific needs of your business.

For more information on how Datecode works integrated with Gstock we recommend you to visit the post we have dedicated to it in Confluence.

At Gstock we integrate with the best specialists so that you can have your business under control in all aspects.  

We continue working and implementing new developments to make your management easier, so that you have at your disposal all the key information you need to make the right decisions for your business. make the right decisions for your business.. With Gstock, everything under control.