'Power without control is useless,' said a famous tire commercial in the 1990s. We think that control, without a goal, is also useless. And when it comes to business, the objective of control is profitability.

At Gstock we work to help you manage your business with the tool that helps you keep your profitability under control. profitability under control.


Whatever your type of food and beverage business (restaurants, hotels, hotel and catering chains, multi-concept catering groups, bars, cafeterias, dark kitchens, catering (restaurants, hotels, hotel and catering chains, multi-concept catering groups, bars, cafeterias, dark kitchens, caterings...), Gstock guarantees you a 10% reduction in your raw material consumption and a real and a significant improvement in profitability thanks to total control. control.

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Profitability Keys with Gstock

We put the key information of your business at your fingertips:


Review and analyze in one easy-to-use dashboard your reports in real time real-time reports on raw material prices of raw material prices, purchases, sales, price variations and stock differences, to know the real and theoretical cost of your business.

Know your costs, sales and profitability margins in real time and make better decisions make the best decisions to increase it.

We help you to optimize your raw material consumption:


Monitor and control your raw material consumption in real time. Identify shrinkage and uncontrolled consumption. Track the linkage between PLUs and recipes to avoid shrinkage and portioning errors. Detect errors in your purchases and product reception.

Use Gstock to optimize your raw material consumption and improve your improve your profitability and efficiency.

We give you a total vision of your business focused on profitability:


With Gstock you can track price variations of your suppliers of your suppliers through a detailed history. You can also know in detail the sales of each dish and its profitability. All with one goal in mind: maximize your profit margin.

Optimize the invoice verification and payment process: Gstock synchronizes your purchasing processes with your accounting software so that your accounts are always up to date. Put an end to delays and errors in invoicing and have your profitability under control.

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Gstock features to keep your profitability under control

Orders to suppliers

Have a 360º view of your business and your suppliers monitored at all times with our ordering tool. We provide the warehouse point of view that a purchasing app will not give you.

How does Gstock help you keep your profitability under control?

  • Control the status of the order in all its phases, from any platform.
  • Checks and controls the raw material received in real time, both in total and partial order: Checks the actual data against the supplier's invoice.
  • Avoid purchasing errors thanks to the reliable data provided by Gstock. Place orders that take your stock into account with our ideal stock ordering functionality.

Shrinkage management

and waste

What you throw away is a reflection of your raw material management efficiency: improve it with Gstock. Accelerate your shrink and waste management also through our mobile app. Monitor in detail your entire stock to increase your profitability. Identify and solve recurring reasons for shrinkage with our specialized tool.

How does Gstock help you keep your profitability under control?

  • Detailed analysis of your shrinkage: calculation by product, recipe and sub-recipe.
  • Identify areas for improvement in your business.
  • Make informed decisions to improve your profitability.

Stock control

and inventories

Increase your profitability by improving your inventory management with Gstock. Control your stock and automate inventory management in real time. Configure the minimum and ideal stock and detect the efficient rotation. Reduce up to 80% of your inventory time to optimize staff and functions and keep your profitability under control.

How does Gstock help you keep your profitability under control?

  • Automatically recording all inventory movements to detect and correct errors and eliminate the difference between actual and book inventory.
  • Efficient inventory review with our customized, real-time, profitability-oriented reports.
  • Receiving automatic alerts on price variations with respect to the previous order.

Menu Engineering

Maximize your raw material yield. Optimize your sales and margins and improve the profitability of your business with our menu engineering tool. Know the yield of each dish, ingredient by ingredient, and track yourand track its real profitability for better economic results.

How does Gstock help you keep your profitability under control?

  • Know the profitability of your menus in real time and get the most out of your menu by promoting the most profitable ones.
  • Get detailed cost estimates and know the cost of each recipe, customized by cost center.
  • Simulate the profitability of your dishes and optimize their preparation and service with our advice and one objective: maximize the yield of raw materials.

Tool for


Know in real time the consumption of your inputs, from the registration of your products to the tracking of your raw materials. Control your products, know the exact production and optimize the production organization to minimize the opportunities of wastage and unnecessary loss to minimize opportunities for unnecessary waste and loss, increase your profitability and keep it under control.

How does Gstock help you keep your profitability under control?

  • Trace the path of your raw material from the time you register a product to the time you sell it.
  • Know the actual consumption of ingredients.
  • Controls traceability to avoid losses and shrinkage.

Start increasing your profitability with Gstock. Schedule a demo with us and discover all that Gstock can do for your business, so you have your profitability under control.