'You will remember this day as the day you almost captured Captain Jack Sparrow.'. Surely if you think of Pirates of the Caribbeanthe first sentence that comes to your mind is this one. If we had to remember this year for just one thing... it would be a bit complicated. And since you don't remember just one sentence from a movie or one year for a single achievement, in this article we review what 2023 has brought us, we tell you about everything we have done to keep your profitability under control with Gstock and we invite you to share the highlights of your year with us.


10 years of profitability under control


In 2023 we celebrated our tenth anniversary. Ten years democratizing technology with a high-performance tool. great features, accessible for any entrepreneur in the sector (whatever their type and business model) both from the point of view of usability and cost, which provides a digital solution to real management problems. digital solution to the real management problems that we hoteliers encounter on a daily basis.


At Gstock we are pioneers and standard bearers of the design of an intuitive and intuitive and pay-per-use (SAAS) (SAAS), multi-currency, multi-language and multi-schedule. We have also always been committed to transparency and maximum integration with other key management applications for business success.


Our management software is a pioneer and provides access to

the hotelier to the latest technologies for digital management

and improve the profitability of your business,

since its first version back in 2013.


Control of the key KPI's of the business in real time, help in the protocolization of key processes for the profitability of the business, drastic reduction of the times of shipment of orders and the time dedicated to inventories, connection of the registered data with any other application of business management, easy and practically automatic opening of new centers... Each functionality and integration that we have been adding in 10 years provides a solution to a specific management need. management need.


In these 10 years we have become the preferred tool of large national and international hotel and hospitality groups, as well as a multitude of businesses of all sizes. We are proud and that is why 2023 has been a special year in which to celebrate all that we have achieved and what is yet to come.

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2023: the year to digitize supplier relationships


The main novelty we have introduced this year is our new Supplier Connection Hubdesigned to digitize the process of receiving goods and, with it, the supplier-hotelier relationship, one of the key points to advance the digital transformation of the sector. To this end, we have opened via API so that suppliers can integrate with us, receiving orders from the customer to the supplier, sending electronic-digital delivery notes directly to the tool (avoiding typing) and allowing the automatic loading of purchase rates. Our tool, inspired by the EDI technology of electronic file interchange, uses the latest technologies from an EDI perspective.uses the latest technologies from a perspective of simplicity and minimum costs.


Other new features we have implemented in 2023 to facilitate management and decision making aimed at keeping profitability under control include becoming an ERP for expense controlthe new Dashboard which shows the main KPI's that the business owner needs to know to control and improve business management towards greater profitability, and the functionality of product cost and P&L with Gross Profit and EBITDA on the 1st of each month, with data dump to the accounting system.with automatic data dump to accounting.


We have also implemented the labeling functionalityThis allows you to improve the control of raw materials, as well as the traceability and food safety of your recipes, sub-recipes (semi-finished products and previous preparations) and any other element related to the order book. We have allied with the American company NCCO, specialist in food labeling, and we have integrated with Elder, NCCO's representative company in Spain and specialized in food safety. This alliance makes it possible for the information on recipes and preparations that your restaurant hosts in Gstock to be transferred directly to the labeling machine - specially designed for the kitchen - so that labeling can be carried out quickly and easily for the kitchen staff.

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We have also added new POS to our poker of integrationsso that whatever your sales system is, you have the data under control with Gstock. Y we have updated our websitewith all the information and content you need to take the step and choose Gstock to digitize the management of your business, or to extend the Gstock functionalities you already use, if you already work with us.


Gstock on the road

One more year, we have taken to the highway (the digital and the analogical, the asphalt) to participate in the main events of the sector. We start the year in what has been a must-attend event for us since its first edition: HIP2023. Three days in which we presented our new products, we received the visit of many customers we appreciate, we met partners and collaborators and we had the opportunity to listen to our CEO Federico Fritzsch making a few things clear about digitizing the relationship with suppliers.

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In May we recovered a very special event for us: the Gstock Summit, the third edition of which we celebrated, in which more than 70 customers, partners and distributors participated and in which we had luxury training from the Gstock team. Two days of activities and 10 hours of exhaustive and detailed training in which we broke down the details of how the tool works, we made practical presentations of the latest integrations with the collaboration of Voxel, Docunecta, Elder, Alfa Microgés and RCX SOFT, we listened to the contributions of our customers to continue growing and we looked to the future of the digitization of management with the aim of keeping profitability under control. We are already looking forward to next year's Summit, to meet again and see how much we have advanced and improved together.

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Our CEO shared his vision and experience with Gstock at the Startup Funding Forum organized by Finanziaconnect, accompanied by great professionals and experts.

And in October we participated in the eProcurement Tech Summit organized by Voxel, supporting the event as a Gold Sponsor. We also attended to learn about news and trends in digital transformation, e-invoicing or customer experience, success stories and (good) examples of digitization. Also to connect with other members of the industry and share with them our vision of profitability-oriented digital management and how we can grow by collaborating together. And to be inspired by the experiences of the participants and to be able to inspire them also with our philosophy of. #ProfitabilityUnderControl.

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Our customers, our great strength in 2023


Our customers have been our great strength from the beginning and have continued to be so in 2023. Betting on us every day, challenging us to improve and implement new features that solve increasingly specialized needs, trusting our criteria and vision, traveling the road with us. Our CEO has told you about some of them on Linkedin throughout the year, and you can discover others on our website. All of them are a source of pride for us and we are proud of them for being an example of commitment, management and doing things well. To all of them, THANK YOU. In 2024, more. 

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Together, to infinity and beyond


At Gstock we are committed to always offer you the best tool for the digital management of your raw material. This implies the incorporation of new talent oriented to help you achieve the goal of keeping profitability profitability under control.. This year we have expanded the team and we continue in our process of incorporating new positions that contribute to further strengthen our developments and services. With our new additions and developments we have an important message to give you: we work every day so that you can continue to improve with us for many years to come. Together, to infinity and beyond.


In addition, if we have been doing this since our origins, this year we have we have given even more impetus to teleworking. At Gstock we are digital and we share the philosophy that presence is not necessary to achieve our goals. We believe that quality work also consists of offering our teams the possibility of working remotely, from wherever they prefer. So if you visit our offices you won't see many people: where you will see them is solving all your day-to-day issues and making their magic* so that you have your business under control using Gstock.


Our commitment to teleworking is compatible with those moments when we want as a company to get to know each other and share ideas around a good table. At Gstock we are still innkeepers, even if we are software innkeepers. Throughout the year we have reserved some moments to share a table, as in our traditional Christmas lunch, which was the most recent one. 


*Magic: training, vision, commitment, agility, talent, effort, ability to solve...

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Purpose for 2024? Profitability under control


At Gstock, the control objective is profitability. profitability. That's why our purpose for 2024 is for you to keep profitability under control using our tool. We work 365 days a year (in 2024 it will be 366, which is a leap, don't think we will leave you a single day without support) and 24/7 so that you can achieve it.


Whatever your type of food and beverage business, if you use Gstock in 2024 we guarantee you a real 10% reduction in your raw material consumption and a significant improvement in profitability thanks to total control.

Happy Profitability and Happy New Year!