We have gathered for you the Gstock usage tips recommended by our CEO, Federico Fritzsch: 30 tips designed to help you get the most out of the tool.. We have grouped them in three blocks.


  • In the first one you will find tips on the most important steps for a good closing control period.Our CEO explains where to start reviewing and what has happened in your business.
  • The second block is devoted to inventories inventoriesessential for the proper functioning of Gstock.
  • And in the third block we focus on the management of the supplier catalog, how to take advantage of the reporting tool and how to improve control of the supplier catalog management, how to take advantage of the reporting tool and how to improve control of the Theoretical Cost, among other topics of interest to you.among other topics of interest to you.


In addition, we share with you the full training session on how to control the Real Cost and Theoretical Cost of your food and beverage business with Gstockled by our CEO at the III Summit last May. In the first video you will find all the keys to control the Real Cost and in the second one, the keys to control the Theoretical Cost.


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30 Gstock usage tips recommended by our CEO


  • Get used to keeping Gstock up to date. With 30-40% of the effort you will obtain 70% of the essential information for a good management of your business. of your business.
  • To make a correct correct closure of the control periodTo make a correct closing of the control period, start with the actual consumption, then the theoretical consumption and finally the stock variation, to see what went wrong.
  • Remember: the closing operation has to be as close in time as possibleso that the reports are as close to reality as possible.
  • Before making a closing, check that there are no unanswered orders in the application. in the application. With the delivery note verification tool you can check what has happened to the unanswered orders. And, at the same time, that all the delivery notes you have come from an order.
  • Validate the delivery notes. The most important thing to close an order is that they are validated.To speed up the process and make it more reliable, the person who receives the orders should be in charge of checking that the delivery note is correct and validating it.
  • To control the consumption of raw materials with Gstock, it is necessary to follow an order. And the first step is to obtain the actual consumption. As an owner, the first thing you want to know is what has happened in your business in a given period. Actual consumption is the first level of usage in Gstock.
  • Make a good configuration of the tool. Actual consumption is the most important most important data to control your food and beverage business.. It is the first mountain pass. The first objective. Going directly to the theoretical consumption is building the house from the roof up and if the configuration base is not well done, the results you get as a user will not be adequate.
  • Start by looking at the actual cost or consumption by category.. I consider this to be the most optimal way to start the process of seeing what has happened in my business.
  • Have your inventories (well) done. It is essential to obtain reliable data on actual consumption, as the formula works with them.because the formula works with them. Without inventories it is impossible to know the real consumption. Y if you don't know what your real consumption is, you don't know anything what is going on in your business.
  • Use the Gstock mobile app, in general and to make inventories and orders. It is much faster, more intuitive and simpler than any other way of doing it. The time savings is practically 75-80% compared to other ways of doing inventories. And you will keep everything under control within the tool.

  • Spend time setting up inventory bins correctly.. Having them properly configured allows many people to do inventories at the same time.. It is an extraordinary help, which saves time and effort and allows better control.
  • Make sure your staff is comfortable with the location configuration you have chosen. You can use whatever jargon your staff uses and it is a good idea to match the locations you have set up with actual physical locations, i.e. they should be named the same.
  • Become a friend of the mass location tool. It makes your work much easier, since it allows you to locate by categories in the locations you have configured. And you can also massively un-locate or un-locate the formats one by one, for each product. Remember that in Gstock we do not locate by product, but by product formats.
  • Filter by format before each inventory and look for the ones that are and look for those that are not located. We may have intentionally unlocated products or formats that we do not want to inventory, but this action is important to detect errors and make inventories as accurate as possible.
  • Research what options there are on the market for scanning guns and label printers and use them to facilitate inventory. Any device that works with mobile will work with Gstock.
  • Make general inventory once a month to get the actual consumption totals for the period. It is also a good practice to to take partial inventories by category (to draw partial actual consumption by category) when necessary, especially to control for periods when cost has large variations that need to be explained.
  • Always take inventories on the same the same day of the month and on the same shift so that data collection is consistent and can be and can be compared and viewed historically. It is true that some businesses work by consumption and not with inventories (as is the case with hotels). But without inventories means taking everything as consumed, and the data and the data loses value.
  • Remember that a good inventory plays in favor of the business.Knowing exactly what is in the warehouse, what has been the actual consumption and what is the variation helps enormously to maintain control and good warehouse management, which has an impact on profitability.
  • Use the tool to compare inventories that we have developed at Gstock: it allows you to make a real tracking of variations and detect errors in raw in raw materials.
  • Uses the weighted average price functionality we have in Gstock. It guarantees a correct management and makes it better than the last price resource, which produces more inaccuracies in the data.


  • Spend time to make a good configuration of the the supplier catalog, the product catalog and especially the sales formats. It is essential to obtain the real consumption. There is not a standard way to configure that is better than another, but it is key to configure these three things well, according to the needs and operation of your food and beverage business.
  • Get the most out of Gstock's reporting tool. It allows you to see a much more precise range of ratios, since the configuration is possible by categories and families: you can see the actual consumption by line items. It is very useful for to know the data in a more detailed and accurate way..
  • Start the month's analysis by reviewing the report report that relates each of the consumptions against the total sales.. It will give you a very clear picture of what has happened in your business.
  • If your business is a chain or group of restaurants with several establishments, start the month by taking the total actual cost per location, an actual cost grouped actual cost. In Gstock, this report includes inventory, purchases and consumption by location and grouped.
  • Create your business recipes in Gstock and link them to the POS for a higher level of detailed control of the actual cost. At this level, we reallocate the sales through the recipesThis allows you to know exactly how much product you have consumed in each dish and how much you have monetized. To give you an idea, you can even get the total consumption of the salt in your business. The best way to analyze product purchase costs is by assigning sales to each product. to each of them.
  • Uses the alarm system. We have spent a lot of time and effort to set up an alarm system that allows you to know at a glance in the tool if there are problems, where and what they are, so that you can solve them and that the data you get is not impaired.
  • It blocks prices in the purchasing department: makes the work of all the other departments much easier and even has administrative advantages, as there are far fewer incorrect delivery notes, with cross outs... That's why I highly recommend working with prices, using our price list manager, I highly recommend working with tariffs, using our tariff manager.. It allows you to work in advance and also the locked prices open the door to the use of other Gstock tools, such as the auction order.
  • Mark in the tpv any product output: what is not marked in tpv, Gstock does not contemplate it. In order to have a real exhaustive control of the raw material consumption, it is absolutely necessary to mark all absolutely necessary to mark everything on the tpveven those products that we do not charge but we do consume. The higher the level of detail in the POS, the more accurate the data will be. The more similar the Theoretical and Actual Cost, the closer your business will be to its target..
  • Get in the habit of checking what the Actual Raw Material Cost of your business would have been if all product outputs had been charged.. Invitations cost money, so it is important to mark them in the POS so that you can see them in the Theoretical Cost report and put them in real perspective.
  • Use the Packs creation tool to correctly code menus, combined dishes, coffees with specific elaborations... Any item to which it is necessary to add sub-items. In this way, the real data of your business will be much more accurate.


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