The eighth edition of HIP - Horeca Professional Expothe largest innovation event for the Horeca channel, was held from February 19 to 21 and brought together in Madrid more than 49,000 professionals, 684 exhibiting companies and 757 international speakers. During the three days of the fair, the Hospitality 4.0 Congress was also held, with 372 sessions and 32 summits in which key issues for the future of the sector were discussed, including the digitization of management.

At Gstock we have participated once again this year, bringing our vision of our vision of the digitalization of management in which the integration and collaborative innovation are key to keep profitability profitability under control.

In the video below we share in a minute and a half our time at HIP, through the lenses of Javi and Nacho, from Omol Vídeo.
At HIP, we present our new products, such as our new scanning functionality of the delivery note using OCR technology developed by Docuindexa for Gstock, or the efficient labeling functionality that your kitchen needs and that you will now find in Gstock thanks to our integration with Datecode Genie and Elder Laboratorio. 

The star of our booth was our Superhero, Gstocker Superhero, Gstocker, and his Superpowers to make controlling the profitability of your business a reality and not an impossible mission. Gstocker had to do his best: we had a full full capacity at the booth during the three days of the fair, both for consultations and for the Gstock and Docuindexa demos. The Datecode Genie labeling tool also attracted a lot of interest once again.

HIP is the main annual meeting point for the Horeca Channel. We were delighted to welcome many good customers to our stand, such as Goiko, Grupo Sibuya, Grupo Barbillón, Gagawa, ADH Hoteles or Basque Culinary Center, among others. Thanks to all of them!

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Innovations to digitize the supplier-hospitality industry relationship

At Gstock we think that digitization of the supplier-host relationship is key both for the real progress towards a 100% digital management of the Horeca Channel, as well as for the improve profitability and have it under control. In HIP we present our news in this regard. 

The main one was the delivery note scanning tool with OCR technology, a SaaS solutiontechnology, a SaaS solution solution powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that digitizes delivery notes and invoices with all its product lines. Developed by Docuindexa, this tool allows you to control and improve the profitability of your business by automatically extracting data from delivery notes and invoices, with all your product lines.

The tool has a success rate of more than 98% and allows you to and allows you to reduce by more than 80% the time you spend you spend on the digital management of delivery notes and invoices, replacing manual data entry and allowing control by line.

Thanks to our integration with Docuindexa, all data and fields from delivery notes, invoices and other documents, in paper or digital format, are automatically incorporated into Gstock, are automatically incorporated into Gstock when extracted, so that stock control is total, effective and real. In the video below we share the complete demo of the delivery note digitalization tool, by our CEO, Federby our CEO, Federico Fritzsch, and Docuindexa's CEO, Carlos Aparisi.
We also present the latest updates in our HUB connection for supplierswhich also helps to facilitate the digitization of the supplier-hostel relationship. And we unveiled the functionality of efficient labeling in the kitchenthrough integration with Datecode Genie and ELDER Lab. 

Our team did not have a moment's rest during the three-day event, especially our commercial director, Carlos Saludes, whom you can see in the video below in one of the demos we offered at our booth during the fair.

Objective: digital management to keep profitability under control

The Hospitality 4.0 Congress, which this year has grown to 12 auditoriums, 32 summits, 372 sessions and more than 757 speakers, is held within the framework of HIP. Our CEO, Federico Fritzsch, has participated once again this year as a speaker. (now eight), this time in three sessions in which he analyzed the current state of the digital highway, presented the success story of Ramses District in management digitization and moderated an interesting panel on digitization of the relationship with suppliers in which the entire value chain of the Horeca Channel was represented. 

In his presentation on the current state of the highway to digitization of the CanalFederico set out five points where we have made progress as an industry over the last decade and especially over the past year. As he shared in the Digital Theatre to a packed auditorium during his three sessions, in the last 12 months, five issues related to the digitization of the Channel have been consolidated of the Canal:


  • The interest in the digitization of management management, in a more conscious way.
  • The integrationswhose absence or deficient presence often frustrates digitization projects.
  • The new technologies in integrations.
  • The web applications (cloud).
  • And the SaaS solutions solutions on a pay-per-use basis.

Among the things to improveFederico pointed out two: the integration of online platforms and portals of distributors and suppliers with order and warehouse management platforms, and that integrations should preferably be done with the latest technology. We share his complete speech in the video below these lines.

Ramses Districta reference in Madrid's leisure scene since 2007, is one of the most innovative and disruptive restaurant groups in the capital. It is made up of five spaces, all of them benchmarks to follow: Ramses, Patio de Leones, The Kave, Lady Bongo and Flamenco de Leones. After twelve weeks of work, good planning and commitment, Ramses District is also an example of how to digitize management well and focus it on profitability. 

Our CEO presented his success story at HIPHe was accompanied by the owner of the Group, Jorge Ramses Llovet; Luis San Segundo, CEO of Cookdata (the Business Intelligence used by the group); Patricia Valdez, Food and Beverage Controller at Ramses District; and Arancha Padilla, CFO of the group. You can watch the full panel in the following video. We recommend you not to miss it.

Our relationship with suppliers is keybecause it has a strong and direct impact on operations: orders, receipts, invoicing, reconciliation of delivery notes and invoices. For this reason, the third session led by Federico at HIP focused on describing a digitization automation that has managed to coordinate many of the actors involved in the order process: order, receipt, delivery note, invoice, invoice reconciliation and posting of invoice.

The session was attended by leading professionals and experts in the supplier-hospitality digitalization flow: Ramón Jiménez, co-founder and director of Grupo NOMO; Mireia Borrás, deputy CCO at Quantum; Daniel Ibáñez, Ecommerce & Digital Manager at Bidfood; and Marc Mañas de Khuen, CPO at Voxel. We share the full video below.

Strategic alliance with Voxel

At HIP we also presented our strategic partnership with Voxel strategic alliance with Voxelwhich is very important for all our customers. It is an alliance for the integration of both platforms with one goal in mind: that you, as our customer, can to digitize the entire supply chain, with electronic delivery notes and invoiceswith electronic delivery notes and electronic invoices through a single connection.

In addition, if you are a user of both platforms, this alliance will allow you to add more functionalities to the issuance of electronic orders in order to save time and money and achieve a harmonized and optimized sourcing process.

This partnership with Voxel is the result of months of work and, above all, of sharing a common vision on how to sharing a common vision on how to help the real and complete digitization of the sector's value chain.. And what better way to seal it with a toast and take the opportunity to celebrate Voxel's 25th anniversary. Together we continue to take steps so that you can keep your profitability under control thanks to total digital management.
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Gstock Press Review at HIP 2024

Finally, we would like to share some of our appearances in the press within the framework of HIP. We begin with the article with which we have participated in the last edition of the magazine Ñam Ñammagazine, published by FACYRE.
FINAL NAM NAM n10 Feb 2024 page 0026 Gstock
FINAL NAM NAM n10 Feb 2024 page 0027 Gstock
Our delivery note digitalization tool with OCR technology powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and developed by Docuindexa stars in this interesting report of technological novelties for the hospitality industry published by Professional Horeca.

Alimarket and La gaceta del turismo echoed our alliance with Voxel here and here. And the round table dedicated to how to digitize the relationship with suppliers also had its space in the press, specifically in Professional Horeca.

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That's it for this issue! At Gstock we are determined to make this the year of profitability under control, that's why everything we do is oriented to help you achieve this goal. Thanks to all the HIP - Horeca Professional Expo team for organizing one more year the reference event for the Horeca Channel, see you at HIP 2025!